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Scholarship Applications Available

Now is the time to apply for our annual Scholarship. All members and their children are welcome to apply. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Applicant must be a referee in good standing or the child of a referee in good standing.
  2. Applicant must submit a transcript of grades for the past year and the latest available marking period of 2012.
  3. Three (3) letters of recommendation from: (1) A past or present employer, (2) A school representative and (3) A personal friend or acquaintance or clergy person. (No LISRA Board Member may write a letter of recommendation.)
  4. A letter from the applicant expressing why he or she feels that they should be awarded a scholarship.
  5. Letters and transcripts must be received before April 30, 2012. All paperwork should be addressed to the LISRA office. (Make certain to write LISRA)
  6. The April 30 deadline will be strictly enforced.

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Benefits of Members


  • Regular membership meetings provide a support structure for your professional activities and advancement, including recertification.
  • Access to senior officials, including ENY's State Director of Instruction, State Director of Assessment, national referees, and more.
  • Valuable instructional clinics to keep you apprised of law changes and their application, given by certified USSF instructors.
  • Referee Development and Big Brother programs to help referees improve their knowledge and skills.
  • web site with forums moderated by certified USSF instructors, assessors, and computer professionals.
  • Automatic notification of game assignments (by US mail, and by email in the future!) and an "Available Games" page.
  • Assignment to special events, including State Cup, Regional league, tournaments, US Club Soccer, President's Cup, USSF Academy, and Y League
  • Participation in, and assignment to, charitable events, including Special Olympics and Exceptional Seniors.
  • Free evaluations by USSF assessors, for upgrade readiness and self-improvement.
  • Representation on league arbitration committees and representation at state hearings.
  • Scholarship>Scholarship program for LISRA members and their families.
  • Full time office staff to assist when problems arise.
  • Board of directors with nearly 200 combined years of referee experience, who know the needs of Association members.
  • Holiday party, with awards for top performers and contributors.
  • Soccer convention representation, with hospitality suite.